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Venture Crawl is the day when the entrepreneurial ecosystem meets the talent nurtured by universities. We have seen the event grow year on year and are incredibly proud the collaboration that makes this event one of the highlights of the year.  

  • How do I access the Live Schedule and Map pages?
    You will need to get the access password from your respective university, first we recommend you check your emails as this would have been sent to you on Wednesday 9th of March before 8:30am.
  • Why is the map not working?
    It may be your browser blocking access to the map. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox for the best user experience.
  • Can I access the resources after the 9th of March 2022
    Yes, the event site will be accessible for 30 days.
  • Can I use my smart phone?
    Yes, however we recommend a larger screen for the best user experience.
  • Why can I not join a live session?
    Some sessions have a participant limit and it is operated on a first come first serve basis. All live sessions will be recorded and added to the event website for all to benefit from.
  • I want to participate in the pitching competition am I too late?
    Unfortunately, yes, you are too late for 2022... there is always Venture Crawl 2023. Express your interest with your university.
  • Are all live sessions recorded?
    Yes, all live sessions are being recorded and added to the event site afterwards.
  • How do I connect with you and others?
    Join our LinkedIn group and begin networking 😊
  • Do you have a social media hashtag?
    We do its #VentureCrawl please let us know you're joining us on the day on whatever social media platforms you're using.
  • Can I have the slides from the session I attended?
    As Venture Crawl 2022 has such a range of resources we cannot share individual slides to those who request it. However, a recording of all sessions and videos will stay live on the website for 30 days for you to benefit from.
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